Downsizing With Diabetes

Downsizing With Diabetes Weight Program

Weight Management Program

Obesity has been recently recognized as a chronic disease. As if managing one chronic disease isn’t challenging enough, now you have to manage diabetes and obesity.

But this is not all the bad news that it seems – in fact, it is good news! It now means that:

  • Obesity is a real, chronic condition
  • Recognized by healthcare professionals to be caused primarily by genetics, hormones and environmental factors and
  • Strongly influenced by lifestyle choices and where
  • Medication is available to help manage obesity

lose weight with diabetes

For someone with diabetes, managing obesity may become more challenging as there are so many extra considerations such as:

  • Having to eat certain amounts of food at certain times throughout the day
  • Treating low glucose with additional food
  • Having to eat extra carbs before, during and (maybe) after exercise

The main aim of the Downsizing With Diabetes program is to give you realistic and evidence-based medication and support needed to manage obesity.

How to Sign Up For Downsizing With Diabetes!

Whether it is just some more information about weight loss in general or you would like to explore medical options to assist you on your journey, you’ll be sure to benefit from this program.

There is no “one size fits all”.

We look forward to assisting you on your weight loss journey. These consultations will be offered as individual sessions or a group package, the same way our other diabetes management services are offered. Flexible pricing is also available.

Please contact the IDS office should you require any further information about costs or booking:

Please call 877-735-3648 or outside North America call 610-642-6055

if you have questions, email:


Paula Diab - integrated diabetes servicesDr Paula Diab, PhD, CDCES

Diabetologist & Weight Management Specialist

Dr. Paula Diab is a Family Physician and Diabetologist who hails from the sunny shores of South Africa. She earned her undergraduate medical degree from the University of Cape Town in 2000 and then returned to her home province of KwaZulu-Natal to establish her career and continue her post-graduate studies. She has recently also been certified as a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in the US and is excited to join the IDS team.

She currently runs a multi-disciplinary practice specializing in the management of chronic diseases, particularly diabetes and obesity. Her approach is to walk the journey with her patients and to allow them to manage their disease rather than allow the disease to define who they are. Paula has been the recipient of numerous National and International Awards including the National CDE (Centres of Diabetes & Endocrinology) Best Practice Award in 2016 and the International Rising Stars Diabetes Programme in 2020. She is currently working on a task force to establish the first Obesity Management Guidelines in her home country. She also serves as a key opinion leader on multiple pharmaceutical products and frequently gives public lectures and presentations on various diabetes-related topics.

She has authored dozens of journal articles and speaks often at local and international conferences. Despite carrying the burden of being the only member of the IDS clinical team without type 1 Diabetes, her skills and passion for diabetes care & education are exemplary (she did successfully manage her own gestational diabetes during her pregnancies). Paula lives with her husband, Guy, and two teenage children, Brunton and Lauren. Her personal experiences led her to write and publish a book: “Confessions of a Pandemic Mother” – a humorous, yet very real account of a working mother’s experience during a global pandemic.

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