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Last month we asked for the year Integrated Diabetes Services was founded.

CONGRATS: Julie Ohr, a software engineer from the United Kingdom (now living in the US) who has lived with T1D since 2008, for being the first with the correct answer!

ANSWER: 1995.  The practice started in a spare room in my home.  Nobody thought a practice based solely on diabetes education services could survive, but we all know that nobody can tell a person with T1D what to do.  It took nearly a year to top 20 in-person patient appointments in a single month.  As word spread (and kids came along, negating the “spare” room), I moved into my first office and hired my first employee.  Today, we have a full-time office staff, nine clinicians in five locations, and serve more than 2000 clients worldwide.

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insulin inhaler
“Inhaling” is a popular word in today’s news (for a variety of reasons).  Inhaled insulin is currently available in the form of Afrezza from MannKind.  But there was an earlier version of inhaled insulin launched in the early 2000s.

What was the name of the product?

*The first person with the correct answer wins complimentary tuition to the Type-1 University course of their choice!