Diabetes Bites Newsletter


Last month, we asked for the name of the first nationally marketed sugar-free soft drink.

ANSWER: Plenty of people mentioned “Tab” and “Fresca” but the first one was called “No-Cal”.  It was introduced in New York in 1952 and quickly spread across the country.  Unfortunately, it used a chemical called sodium cyclamate as its sweetener, which was banned by the FDA in 1970.  If you’d like a good laugh, check out their commercial on YouTube:  No Cal TV Commercial  

CONGRATS TO: Josh Webb, a Type-1 biotechnology engineer from North Bethesda, MD, for being the first person to supply the correct answer!


NEW QUESTIONhomer simpson doh:

There is no shortage of famous people with diabetes. 

From Mary Tyler Moore to Shawn Michaels, the entertainment field is brimming with T1s.  But what about the world of animation?  A few years ago, we discovered that Scott Malkinson (of South Park) has T1D.  But there is another animated character with T1, on my all-time fav show, The Simpsons.  Who is it?

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