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Diabetes Bites Newsletter


trivia rod flandersLast month, we asked for the name of the character on “The Simpsons” who has T1D.

ANSWER: ROD FLANDERS.  Great job-diddly-ob Anto! 

CONGRATS TO: Anto Paul, a nurse and diabetes care/education specialist from Long Island, NY, for being the first person with the correct answer!

We later learned of a second character who made a cameo appearance many years ago, “Dia-Betty,” Cleetus’s cousin, who has T2D.



bundt cake

Think you know carbs?  Well here’s a challenge for you. 

We were recently gifted a bundt cake (see photo) from a store near our office.  Raspberry cake with buttercream icing, to be exact.  Forget about one slice… how many grams of carb are in the WHOLE cake?

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-office store or online bookstore.

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