Diabetes Bites Newsletter


bundt cakeLast month, we asked for the total carb count in an entire raspberry bundt cake with buttercream icing.  We received answers ranging from 225 grams to 3 BILLION grams (thank you, David Joffe).

ANSWER: 600 lip-smacking grams of carbohydrate!

CONGRATS TO: Judie Harer, a nurse & diabetes care & education specialist, who nailed the exact answer!



healthcare expenses

Diabetes is a costly disease in many ways.  Let’s consider the economics of type-1 diabetes in particular.

Over the course of one’s lifetime, how much more (in dollars) does the average person with T1D spend on medical costs and lost wages due to disability compared to someone without diabetes? 

Hint:  it comes to six figures.

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-office store or online bookstore.