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Diabetes Bites Newsletter


the trivia time winner

Last month, we asked What percentage of adults with T1D are classified as obese?

ANSWER: 37%.  The results come from a large-scale study involving tens of thousands of patients with type-1 diabetes at a large east-coast health system.  What the study didn’t include is those who are overweight but not necessarily classified as obese, estimated to be well over 50%.

CONGRATS: Cathy Colburn, a T1 from Houston, Texas, for being the first to provide the correct answer!

The epidemic of excess body fat reflects the challenges that so many people with type-1 diabetes face, including:  increased hunger due to the lack of the amylin hormone, unplanned/undesired calorie intake due to hypoglycemia, difficulty exercising due to glucose control challenges, increased incidence of poor sleep, and an inability to properly adjust insulin levels to accommodate changes in weight and lifestyle.  The good news is that these challenges can all be overcome.  Be sure to check out our new “Weigh To Be You” weight loss program in this newsletter for more information.



urine sample

Diabetes management is all about living a long, high-quality life.  And one way to do that is by screening for complications.

What is measured in the urine to detect kidney disease (nephropathy) at the earliest possible stage?

*The first person with the correct answer wins complimentary tuition to the Type-1 University course of their choice!

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