the trivia time winner

TRIVIA TIME!Think Like A Pancreas, by Gary Scheiner

Last month we asked you to guess how many copies of my best-selling book, Think Like A Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes With Insulin, have been sold to date. 

ANSWER:  There were lots of guesses (some in the millions!), but nobody even came close! The correct answer:  168,022.

*Anyone who would like a signed copy of the current (third) edition can place an order by calling our office (+1-610-642-6055) or going to the IDS online store.



Let’s see how much you know about biochemistry.

The liver has the ability to create sugar from non-carbohydrate substances (such as amino acids from protein) and release it into the bloodstream.  What is this process called?

Submit your answer to: gary@integrateddiabetes.com

*The 1st person with the correct answer wins a 1-on-1 personal training session
with exercise physiologist/CDCES extraordinaire, Kathryn Gentile!