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the trivia time winner


Last month we asked for the brand names of FOUR commercially available home-use treatments for severe hypoglycemia.

CONGRATS: Liz Dahlvang of South Dakota, mom of a 12-year-old boy with T1D, for being the first person with the correct answer!

glucagonANSWER: There are actually 5:  Baqsimi (nasal spray from Lilly), GVoke HypoPen (prefilled pen from Xeris), Zegalogue (prefilled pen from Zealand), Glucagon (old “red box” kit from Lilly), and Glucagen (old “orange box” kit from Novo Nordisk).

With so many options now available, which one is best for you?  As is the case with many of the devices in the diabetes space, each has its share of pros and cons.  If your health insurance provides coverage for more than one, ask your IDS clinician for assistance in finding your best match.


One exciting area of research involves the prevention of diabetes in people at high-risk.

What medication, currently under review by the FDA, has been shown to delay the development of type-1 diabetes by an average of almost three years? 

*The first person with the correct answer wins complimentary tuition to the Type-1 University course of their choice!

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