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Diabetes Bites Newsletter


Last month, we asked for the name of the person who developed the original urine dipstick chemistry for measuring glucose levels back in 1956.

ANSWER: Helen Murray Free.  Recipient of the 2009 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Ms. Free originally went to college to become a Latin teacher.  On the advice of her dormitory housemother, she changed her major to chemistry, and the rest is history.  Ms. Free passed away recently at the age of 98.

8-) Congrats to Joanne Milo, founder of the Loop and Learn group in Southern California, for being the first person to provide the correct answer!




There is no question that virtual healthcare and telemedicine received a major shot in the arm (no pun intended) as a result of the pandemic.  Prior to COVID-19, less than 1% of people with diabetes received their care virtually.  At its peak in the spring of 2020, what percentage of visits to diabetes clinics were conducted via telemedicine?

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-store or online bookstore.

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