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Last month we asked:  Other than exercising muscles, what organ of the body is responsible for the greatest amount of glucose uptake?

ANSWER:  THE BRAIN.  This may explain why glucose levels sometimes drop during intense mental work, multi-tasking and social interactions.

CONGRATS TO: Kathrin Swoboda, a 30-year T1D pumper who also watches after her mom’s T1D, for being the first with the correct answer!



Fingerstick glucose monitoring has come a long way since its inception many decades ago.  In particular, the manner in which we extract a drop of blood has become much easier and, when done properly, almost painless.  But that wasn’t always the case.  The original device used to prick the finger used a spring-loaded arm that swung around and slammed the lancet (which was pretty thick back then) into the finger without retracting.

It was affectionately known as “the guillotine”. But what was the actual name of this “primevil” device?   

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