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=>Last month: we asked for the name of the movie in which a teenage girl with type-1 diabetes experienced severe hypoglycemia while trapped in her home by a would-be thief. 

CONGRATS: Rosemary McMahon, mom of a 16-year-old son with T1D in the Chicago area, for being the first person with the correct answer!

panic room

This thriller stars Jodie Foster as the mom of a teenage daughter (played by Kristen Stewart) with T1D whose home is invaded by thieves.  After seeking recluse in a “safe room” in their home, they realize that they don’t have any supplies for dealing with her diabetes, and panic ensues.  The film is entertaining, but the writers/directors failed to do their homework when it comes to T1D.  There are countless errors and misleading depictions about life with diabetes throughout.  See how many you can find!


liver diseases

Just when you thought there were enough health complications associated with diabetes, along comes another that affects the LIVER.

What is the name (or acronym) of the liver condition that affects the majority of people with diabetes who are overweight?

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