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Diabetes Bites Newsletter


Last month, we asked for the name given to insulin when it is first secreted from the beta cells of the pancreas.

Congratulations to Cora von Hampeln of Ontario, Canada (and T1 for 55 years!) for being the first person to supply the correct answer 

ANSWER: PROINSULIN.  Proinsulin is a large molecule… two chains of amino acids (the building blocks of things like proteins and hormones) folded into a big swirl shape.  Enzymes then break proinsulin into two parts:  a c-shaped molecule (brilliantly named “C-Peptide”) and, you guessed it, the insulin molecule. 



diabetes questionsBack in 1993 when I started using an insulin pump for the first time, there were two companies to choose from:  MiniMed (now Medtronic) and Disetronic (now Roche).  Today, let’s just say we have MORE choices.

Worldwide, how many different companies now make insulin pumps?  (no need to name them unless you just want to show off… the number is fine).

*The first person to submit the correct answer wins their choice of book from our in-store or online bookstore.

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