Diabetes Bites Newsletter


Last month, we asked how many grams of dietary fiber are recommended for most adults for every 1000 calories consumed?

ANSWER: 14 grams. Dietary fiber does so many good things for our health while having minimal effect on glucose levels.  When carb counting, some people deduct 100% of the fiber grams from the total carb amount while others deduct 50%.  Our clinical team is experimenting personally with both approaches to see what works best – check out our CGM tracings on the Integrated Diabetes Services Facebook page.

CONGRATS TO: Paul Anto, a diabetes nurse-educator from Long Island, NY for being the first with the correct answer! Paul is the first 2-time winner of our trivia contest!




Being somewhat of a Diet Coke addict, I found it interesting to read up on the history of diet soft drinks.

A number of small companies developed and sold sugar-free beverages in local areas specifically for people with diabetes in the 1950s, but what was the first nationally marketed sugar-free soft drink?

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