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the trivia time winner


Last month we asked what is measured in the urine to detect kidney disease (nephropathy) at the earliest possible stage?

CONGRATS: Laurel Voss, T1 pumper from Somerville, Massachusetts, USA for being the first person with the correct answer!

Microalbumin represents trace amounts of the most common protein found in the bloodstream (albumin) that have “leaked” into the urine.  The presence of microalbumin in the urine, or an elevated ratio of albumin to the waste product creatinine, usually indicates that the kidneys are beginning to lose their ability to properly filter the blood.  When detected at this early stage, it is usually easily treatable and sometimes reversible



There was some actual GOOD news from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control):  The prevalence of cigarette smoking is way down.  From a peak in 1965, when 42% of American adults smoked cigarettes, the number of smokers has come down steadily.

Based on data published for the year 2020, what percentage of US adults are now smokers? 

*The first person with the correct answer wins complimentary tuition to the Type-1 University course of their choice!

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