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Diabetes Training Camp Foundation is very excited to announce the launch of the DTC Teen Athlete Boot Camp.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have all the people on your team understand what it’s like to compete with diabetes?

It would be wonderful right? Everyone understanding why there is beeping or buzzing or the need to take a quick bite of food/drink or why they are reading labels on sports fuel and only eating a portion of the bag of Shotbloks!

DTC for teensThis Fall there is going to be a camp for teen athletes that will do just that.
A camp that will allow you to learn about diabetes management while exercising with other teens who are all interested in the same thing as you!  The experience of attending Diabetes Training Camp (DTC) is one of a kind!  It is far beyond providing information to tackle a challenging and often frustrating subject, diabetes and exercise.  DTC connects you with others that “get it.” Dr. Matthew Corcoran (Diabetes Training Camp founder and president) and his team of experts will provide an intensive weekend program at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, PA. The coaches include a team that educates in fitness, clinical, and mental skills and they collaborate to provide strategies and outlook on not only your area of passion with sport/exercise, but overall wellness in living with type 1 diabetes. The staff of DTC want nothing more than to assist you in achieving your goals, while also having a great time.  Education is delivered thru information sessions, but then applied and expanded during training sessions.  Many leave DTC with greater confidence, while also gaining a new sense of empowerment to go out and live the life they want to live. Extra bonus, you are likely to gain lifelong diabuds!

The very first DTC Boot Camp is scheduled from Friday, September 15th through Sunday, September 17th, 2017.

If you are a teen athlete with T1D currently in high school or you are the parent of a high-school aged athlete with T1D, this is a wonderfully unique opportunity to learn clinical, mental skills and fitness strategies to not only to manage T1D while exercising and training but to take a training regime to the next level. 

 Sessions will include lectures and workouts geared for teens only, parents only and full family.  Teens and parents will attend lectures and learn strategies from our experts together and in breakout sessions, and all attendees will exercise with our trainers. Athletes under 18 are required to attend with at least one parent. All parents are encouraged to attend. 

If you are a teen who has struggled with your diabetes management in exercise and you’d like some in depth assistance that is personalized, check into going.

Registration will open on www.diabetestrainingcamp.com in early July

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