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IDS Monthly Survey: July 2020


june 2020 survey resultsIn last month’s Diabetes Bites, we asked, how has your physical activity been affected by the coronavirus shutdowns?

There were 128 responses. 

14%: I’ve done virtually no exercise since this all started.
29%: I’m still working out, but less than I did before.
32%: I really have not changed my level of activity.
25%: I’m actually exercising more than I did pre-shutdown.

*Since almost half of the respondents reported exercising less than prior to the pandemic, it is worth noting that our exercise physiology intern (and fellow type-1) Kathryn Gentile offers complimentary consultations for anyone looking to set up a more structured home workout program. If interested, send Kathryn an email: kathryngentile97@gmail.com. Of course, if you would like some guidance on managing your glucose optimally with any form of physical activity, reach out to your friendly IDS clinician.

Think Like A Pancreas, 3rd EditionTHIS MONTH’S NEW SURVEY QUESTION:

Since Gary’s new edition of Think Like A Pancreas launched back in May, it has been a top seller in the diabetes community. But there’s more to life than thinking like a pancreas. Many excellent books focus on managing successfully with intensive insulin therapy.

Which non-Think-Like-A-Pancreas book is your personal favorite?

A. Pumping Insulin (by John Walsh & Ruth Roberts)
B. Bright Spots & Landmines (by Adam Brown)
C. Sugar Surfing (by Stephen Ponder)
D. Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution (by Richard Bernstein)
E. Diabetes for Dummies (by Alan Rubin)