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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: October 2021


september 2021 survey results

In the September edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked about your experience (if any) with the new ultra-rapid insulins, Lyumjev and Fiasp. Here’s what you had to say:

32%  I have not tried either of them (Fiasp or Lyumjev)

14%  I have tried one of them but have switched back to my usual insulin due to side effects

14%  I have tried one of them but found it did not work any better than my usual insulin

40%  I have tried it, like it, and continue using it

Lyumjev and Fiasp are the same as Humalog and Novolog (Novorapid), but with medications added to speed absorption by the capillaries below the skin.  As a result, they start working and peak 5-10 minutes earlier.  Some people experience side effects from using them, so check with your prescriber or contact your IDS clinician to learn more.


‘Tis the season when all of the major sports converge, and it’s nice to know that there are pro athletes with diabetes who compete at the highest level in all sports.  So which sport is your personal favorite to watch?

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