Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: October 2019


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked is you have a plan in place for taking care of your diabetes in the event of an emergency/disaster.  There were 153 responses.

I don’t have a plan.  I’ll deal with it if/when it happens:  13%
I have a general idea of what to do, but nothing formal:  66%
I have a written plan and emergency supplies ready to go:  21%

Having an emergency plan can make the difference between life and death (or at a minimum, effective diabetes management and major stress).  Developing a plan doesn’t take long.  It should include provisions for meds/supplies, communication, and fallback planning.  Talk with your diabetes care provider or reach out to us for assistance in putting one together.

september 2019 diabetes survey


gratisography-silly-big-noseThis month, let’s talk about SEX.  Has your diabetes ever gotten in the way of your sexual relationship with your partner?   (don’t worry… survey responses never have any identification!)

A. Diabetes has never interfered with my sex life
B. Low blood sugar sometimes gets in the way
C. My diabetes equipment sometimes gets in the way
D. Both B and C