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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: November 2018


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked you to tell us which form of diabetes is worse:

A. Having type-1 diabetes is worse than having type-2.  Type-1 requires constant work and attention, and is almost impossible to manage all the time.

B. Having type-2 diabetes is worse than having type-1.  Type-2 requires major lifestyle changes and is usually coupled with a lot of other health problems.

C.  They both suck equally.

There were 156 responses.  And it looks as though T1D wins… I mean loses.  I mean… well, you get what I mean.

october trivia results


This month, we’d like your thoughts on the progress being made in diabetes research.  After all, we all heard “5 years ‘til the cure”… how many years ago?  And here we are.  So what say you?

A. I’m DEEPLY disappointed!  There must be a conspiracy, because there should have been a cure for diabetes long ago. 

B.  I’m disappointed, but there is reason for optimism. Progress is being made; we just have to be patient.

C.  I’m pretty happy with what’s happened so far.  We don’t have a cure yet, but the latest technologies and treatments have made it easier to live with diabetes.

D.  I’m excited!  We can now manage diabetes so much better than in the past, and a cure is right around the corner.

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