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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: June 2019


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked for your opinion on universal government-sponsored Medicare-for-all program:

A. It’s about time! Public healthcare works really well in all other parts of the world.
B. It would be a struggle, but there’s really no other way to fix our healthcare system.
C. I’m OK with it, but only if I can still obtain private insurance as well.
D. Government can’t do anything right.  Keep it as far away from my healthcare as possible.

160 People shared their opinion, and there is clearly no consensus.

may 2019 survey results


This month, we’d like to know who you believe will launch the BEST hybrid closed-loop system (which automates some but not all aspects of insulin delivery based on CGM data) in the next year or two?

A. Medtronic (with their 780 system, using a new Medtronic pump & sensor)
B. Tandem (with their control IQ system, using the X2 pump and Dexcom G6)
C. Insulet (with their Horizon system, using OmniPod & Dexcom G6)
D. Beta Bionics (using their “Bionic Pancreas” pump and either Dexcom or Senseonics sensor)
E. Bigfoot Biomedical (using the Asante pump and Libre sensor)

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