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IDS Monthly Survey: July 2021


june IDS 2021 survey results

In the June edition of Diabetes Bites, we asked about the effect stress has on your glucose levels.  Apparently, our readers are experts on the subject because we had a record number of responses.  Here is how you replied:

65% Stress almost always raises my blood glucose

5% Stress almost always lowers my blood glucose

18% Sometimes if goes up, sometimes it goes down.  Hard to predict.

12% Stress has no noticeable effect on my blood glucose

The fact is, most forms of stress cause glucose levels to rise by eliciting the production of stress hormones which induce a “fight or flight” reaction – which includes the release of sugar into the bloodstream.  However, some forms of stress require an increase in mental and/or physical energy expenditure, which can result in a drop in glucose levels.  As is the case with most things in diabetes, the answer is a definite “it depends”.



The price of drugs such as insulin remains at the forefront of many healthcare and political debates.  Novo Nordisk recently announced a partnership with discount retailer Walmart and Sam’s Club to distribute their Novolog/NovoRapid insulin as Reli-On Novolog at prices that are 50-75% lower than the cash price for Novolog.  This month’s question:  What do you think will happen to the price of insulin, overall, in the next 12 months?