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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: February 2019


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked what your favorite flavor of glucose tablets would be, assuming any flavor is possible.  Here are the responses, in order from most to least popular:

#1. Cherry
#2. Chocolate
#3. Orange|
#4. Vanilla
#5. Sour Apple
#6. Banana
#7. Grape
#8. Mint
#9. Lemon
#10. Barbecue

Frankly, we’re stunned that “barbecue” only received 1 vote, and that vote belonged to Gary.  Guess he’s unique.  Cherry and chocolate were far-and-away the most popular.  Makes you wonder why the tablet makers haven’t gone that route yet.  Maybe now they will!

survey results january 2019


This month, we would like your thoughts about GLUCAGON.  As you may know, glucagon is an injectable hormone that is administered to people who are experiencing severe hypoglycemia and are not able to eat/drink on their own.  A number of newer (and presumably better/easier) glucagon formulations are on the horizon, so we would like to know what your preferred form of glucagon would be:

A. The current version that has to be constituted (mixed) and injected is fine

B. A premixed, ready-to-inject version

C. An inhaler that is placed in the nostril

D. It matters not.  I would never use it anyway.

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