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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

IDS Monthly Survey: November 2020


october 2020 survey resultsIn October’s issue of Diabetes Bites, we asked when you take your bolus (or your shot) for most of your meals/snacks.

There were 241 responses:

  • 29% 20-30 minutes before eating
  • 34% 10-15 minutes before eating
  • 27%  Right before eating
  • 3%  While eating
  • 7%  Soon after eating
  • 0% Hours later, when my blood sugar is sky-high

Happy to see that so many people take their insulin in advance of their meals.  So-called “rapid-acting” insulin peaks in the bloodstream after most foods have hit their peak of digestion, so blood glucose levels can spike quite high if insulin is given at the time of (or after) most meals.  However, there are some foods that take a long time to digest, so it helps to understand how meal type/size/timing affects the rate of glucose rise.  Contact our office if would like to schedule some time with one of our clinicians to learn more.



In recent years, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the PRIVACY of personal health information.  Now, some companies are trying to use downloaded glucose (and other) diabetes data to study patterns and learn how to better manage diabetes. 

How do you feel about your diabetes data being used for research purposes?

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