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IDS Monthly Survey: December 2018


In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked for your thoughts on the progress being made in diabetes research. 

A. I’m DEEPLY disappointed!  There must be a conspiracy, because there should have been a cure for diabetes long ago. 

B.  I’m disappointed, but there is reason for optimism. Progress is being made; we just have to be patient.

C.  I’m pretty happy with what’s happened so far.  We don’t have a cure yet, but the latest technologies and treatments have made it easier to live with diabetes.

D.  I’m excited!  We can now manage diabetes so much better than in the past, and a cure is right around the corner. 

There were 154 responses.  We’ll call it a split decision.

november survey


This month, with the New Year closing in, what you think would be the nicest “surprise” in the diabetes world in 2019?

A. The insulin companies will all get together and collude on significant price reductions.

B. Government entities will accelerate approval of diabetes meds and devices that pose minimal risk to qualified patients.

C. Health insurers will eliminate pre-existing condition clauses and not restrict access to patients’ choice of treatments.

D. Someone will invent glucose tablets that taste just like your favorite pizza.