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free diabetes supplies

Integrated Diabetes Services is now offering Diabetes Supplies… For the Asking

Face it.  Not everyone has great health insurance.  This means that some people cannot afford the supplies and equipment they need to take proper care of their diabetes.

We at Integrated Diabetes Services are trying to do something about it.  We serve as a “clearinghouse” for diabetes stuff – accepting donations (or purchasing at a steep discount) from people who have extras, and making them available to people in need.

This includes UNOPENED packages of:

  • Insulin vials, pens & cartridges
  • Pumps, reservoirs, infusion sets & accessories
  • CGM receivers, transmitters & sensors
  • Meters & test strips*
  • Syringes and pen needles

* No lancets, please!  Nobody changes them, nobody asks for them, and we don’t want them!

We currently have an ENORMOUS supply of Medtronic reservoirs, infusion sets, and used Paradigm pumps.  If you have a need for these, please contact us!

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