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Diabetes Empowerment Summit

Life with type one diabetes can be a bit isolating. We are pretty rare folks. We make up about 1% of the US population, and even in the average endocrinology practice we make up about 5% of the patient population. This can make connecting, and getting education difficult. This is why I LOVE diabetes conferences. They are a fantastic way to get up to date education from leaders in the dielf of diabetes management. Conferences also offer inspiration and a recharge that helps me not get so bogged down in the day to day grind of life with diabetes.

However there are two major barriers for many people that keep them from attending conferences: Cost, and travel. IF that is holding you back GREAT NEWS! The Diabetes Empowerment Summit offers a free online alternative to typical conferences. ! Here is some info from the organizers!

This online event, and the positive feedback received from 9+ thousand attendees over the past couple of years has been mind-blowing.

An online summit is like attending a diabetes conference that has some of the most high caliber speakers out there, WITHOUT having to pay for conference fees, travel costs, taking time off work, etc. AND getting to pick and choose which presentations are most appealing to you and watching them from the comfort of your own home.

All the presenters share their best tools, stories, practices, experiences and more on HOW they cultivate and create an empowered mindset with diabetes, HOW they build confidence in their day to day choices living with diabetes, and also what they teach their patients/clients/readers/followers in the same regard!

The link to register for free and that you can share iswww.des2019.com AND you get some pretty awesome bonuses just for registering!

This is  a 5 day ONLINE diabetes conference for people with diabetes, caregivers, and healthcare practitioners, airing May 1st – 5th, 2019!
You will learn from 25+ top experts, doctors, coaches, speakers, authors, and more… all of whom are living with diabetes themselves or are the parent or caregiver of someone who lives with diabetes! 

Features 25+ Celebs, Authors, Doctors and Experts Teaching Their Best Tools and Sharing Their Experience on: 

  • How to improve your mindset & your mental/emotional relationship with all types of diabetes
  • How to strengthen your intuition to better understand your own best diabetes management practices around nutrition, fitness and all aspects of your life based on YOUR personal needs and feelings
  • How to form new, empowering habits based on self-love and self-care around you , your loved one’s, or your patient’s diabetes management (from the convenience of your own home…for FREE!)

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