Diabetes Management & Consulting Services

Whether you’d like a diabetes consultation over the internet, a mobile device, on the phone or in our office, in English or in Spanish, we are here to guide you!

Our office is located near Philadelphia and features all of the latest high-tech tools & gadgets. We are situated in a comfortable, down-to-earth setting that is conducive to sharing, learning and problem solving. No cubicles here.  Just lots of bright open space and supportive/motivational surroundings.

If you don’t live near our office, no problem! We offer all of our diabetes consulting & coaching services remotely via phone, fax, e-mail, live chat, and video conference. Imagine expert guidance right in the comfort of your home, business, or wherever you happen to be. No driving, parking, or conforming to mass-transit schedules. Even people who live near our office enjoy the convenience of remote consultations!

Plus, we offer our consulting services in Spanish as well as English.

(please call for current pricing on all our services: toll-free in the US 877-735-3648; outside the US 011-1-610-642-6055)

Individual Diabetes Consultations

Diabetes Management Retainer Packages

Specialized Diabetes Service Packages

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Packages

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