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Integrated Diabetes Services

Diabetes CGM data on your wrist: New Smart Watches for 2018

fitbit ionic smartwatches

The technology boom in diabetes seems to be hitting all markets.

We have the Apple watch that allows users to see data from their Dexcom app on the phone right on their wrist.

The Pebble watch does virtually the same thing with dexcom data and those using Nightscout or any of these type of “follow” options for dexcom data also use a watch to see and follow data.

The newest collaboration is now with Fitbit.

The company has a new smartwatch – the Ionic and (hopefully) in the early part of 2018 it will bring Dexcom CGM data to the face of this watch to display data from the G5 phone app.

The benefit to using and seeing data on the Ionic watch is that a user will be able to see health and activity information along with the glucose data. This should be a useful tool for those who want to analyze information about what role food, activity and other health parameters play in their diabetes management.

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FitBit Ionic Smartwatch

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