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Diabetes Bites Newsletter: September 2020

Diabetes Bites Newsletter: September 20202020-09-21T20:13:22-04:00

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diabetes bites newsletter

September 2020

a note from GaryTeeming With Teemwork

Early in my professional diabetes training at the Joslin Clinic, I learned to appreciate the value of a multi-disciplinary team. Having access to clinicians from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds can be very powerful. The whole truly becomes greater than the sum of the parts. I have tried to carry that philosophy over to Integrated Diabetes Services. We offer our clients the expertise of a talented group of individuals… not just one person. While we all have a base set of skills/expertise, each of us brings something special to the table.

Assembling a team means more than just having X number of dietitians, X number of nurses, and so on. It means building a special chemistry. We depend on each other to provide seamless, personalized care for our patients – even through a major global pandemic. This includes same-day message turnaround for our retainer clients, and all-important accessibility in times of crisis. It’s not always easy to accomplish this, considering the challenges of raising young children (Jenny, Annette, Alicia, Kristen), caring for an ailing parent (Nancy), moving to a new home twice (Alicia), recovering from a natural disaster (Dana) and taking a full slate of grad-school classes (Kathryn).

I want to take this opportunity to thank my team for stepping up in recent months to keep the office running (reasonably) smoothly and, more importantly, continue providing the highest level of patient care. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a dedicated and talented group. After all, we wouldn’t be Integrated Diabetes Services without SERVICE.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Diabetes Bites. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback with me directly: gary@integrateddiabetes.com.
As always, there is nothing we can’t accomplish by working together.

– Gary

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Gary Scheiner MS, CDE
Owner & Clinical Director

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