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Diabetes Bites Newsletter: November 2020

Diabetes Bites Newsletter: November 20202020-11-16T16:36:46-05:00

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diabetes bites newsletter

November 2020


Uniting Against the Common Enemy

a note from Gary

Regardless of your political leanings, you have to like one thing that came out of Joe Biden’s mouth during his Presidential election speech:  We need to come together to overcome our common enemy, the coronavirus.  Not that there aren’t other “common enemies” (climate change, gun violence, racial tension, etc.), but none requires as much of a unified approach as this deadly disease. 

To use a sports analogy (as I’m often prone to do), our current approach of having most people rowing in one direction and some rowing in another just doesn’t work.  I learned from watching my son’s high school crew team how essential teamwork is to achieving success against really tough competition. 

Diabetes requires the same kind of unified approach.  Each person living with diabetes represents a single rower.  But they’re not rowing alone.  Friends and loved ones need to be supportive.  Healthcare providers must deliver consistent messages and helpful advice.  And health insurers should be removing obstacles, not creating them.  Everyone rowing in the same direction truly is a key to success.

Getting back to the person with diabetes, there’s nothing like leading by example.  If you’re looking to become a stronger rower, please reach out.  The IDS team is here to equip, educate and EMPOWER you to do the best job possible.  We may not win every regatta (that’s what they call the rowing races), but we’ll certainly be competitive and win our fair share.  Remember, there is nothing we can’t accomplish by working together.

To you and your family, a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

– Gary

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Gary Scheiner MS, CDE
Owner & Clinical Director

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