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Diabetes Bites Newsletter: March 2022

Diabetes Bites Newsletter: March 20222022-03-16T18:32:11-04:00

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March 2022

Goin’ Old School!

gary scheiner

To quote the Rolling Stones, “What a drag it is getting old.”  Ain’t it the truth.  The ailments start piling up, AARP solicitations clog up the mailbox, and something always seems to be aching.  For me, the worst part of aging is that memory isn’t what it used to be.  Just last week, I forgot to bring my phone home with me from the office TWICE.  For most people, not having a phone is a minor inconvenience.  But when you use your phone to track your glucose levels and control your insulin pump the way I do, no phone means no CGM (continuous glucose monitor) data, no remote bolusing, and no automated basal adjustments.  And you know what that means… back to the good old days of diabetes management!

So for a couple of days I had to resort to manual insulin injections, calculating my own doses, and pricking my finger every time I needed a glucose value.  Man, did I miss my phone!!!  But you know what?  My blood sugars weren’t too shabby.  In fact, they were pretty darned good.  Of course, I didn’t throw any major food challenges or odd workouts into the mix, but it was nice to know I still have what it takes to manage using little more than my soon-to-be senile brain.

All of which brings me to this point:  THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR OWN SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS.  Even the latest and greatest technologies need an educated, engaged and motivated user to reach desired results.  Case in point:  Just wearing a CGM does little more than cut down on the need for fingersticks unless you set the alerts and respond to them properly, check and apply the trending information, and know how to interpret the various reports.  Even the latest hybrid closed loop systems can cause frustration in the hands of people who are not adequately prepared to use them the right way.

If you’re looking for some state-of-the-art self-self-management training, you’ve come to the right place.  Everything we do is customized, so we won’t bore you with stuff you already know.  IDS clinicians are expert teachers, capable of taking complex medical concepts and explaining them in a way that applies to your day-to-day life with diabetes.  Just visit our website (https://integrateddiabetes.com) or call +1 610-642-6055 for more info.

I hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Diabetes Bites!  Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

Now if I can only remember where I put my phone…

– Gary

gary scheiner signature

Gary Scheiner MS, CDE
Owner & Clinical Director

NOTES from NancyNancy’s Featured Finds!

This month I’d like to spotlight the OUT-MUSCLE DIABETES exercise classes with our very own Kathryn Gentile! You can take an individual class for $10 or get a month of unlimited classes for only $30!

Did you know that we also have a wide variety of insulin pump accessories?


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