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Diabetes Bites Newsletter: June 2024

Diabetes Bites Newsletter: June 20242024-06-17T10:44:24-04:00

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June 2024

Gary Scheiner Integrated Diabetes Services 2024

Customer (Dis)Service

    I just spent the last hour on the phone trying to reach a human being at Budget Rental Car for an answer to a very simple question.  Let’s just say I’d like to have that hour of my life back. 

    When you hear the phrase “BAD Customer Service,” what kind of business comes to mind?  Cable TV?  Banks?  Airlines?  Telecommunications companies?  How about this one:  Healthcare providers.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I love my (insert type of healthcare provider), but their office is a nightmare.  I just don’t want to deal with them.”

    Believe me, I get it.  Nothing sends my glucose up as much as getting angry and stressed out over really bad service.  Whether it’s waiting on hold, dealing with nonsensical automated options or arguing with a human who has no clue (or respect), the trend line on my CGM shoots up like a rocket any time I feel disrespected and under-appreciated.

    I don’t tolerate bad customer service, and you shouldn’t either.

    At IDS, we’re in the business of helping people achieve BETTER glucose management.  That means reducing stress, not creating it. 

    When you contact Integrated Diabetes Services, you’ll deal with a real person who:

    A) Cares about you
    B) Treats you with respect
    C) Knows their job extremely well
    D) Has the authority to make decisions

    If it’s off-hours or we’re tied up with other clients, we’ll get back to you very shortly.  Because you deserve that.  I have made it my mission to see that every client of Integrated Diabetes Services receives excellent customer service from our clinicians as well as our office staff.

    Because catharsis (releasing pent-up emotions) can be a great way to relieve stress, feel free to share your worst customer service story – send it to me, gary@integrateddiabetes.com.  I’ll compile them and share some of the best.  Also, be sure to take the survey in this month’s edition of Diabetes Bites to help us identify the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service.

    In the meantime, don’t forget to take care of your diabetes!  If you’re in need of a tune-up, please reach out: call 610-642-6055 or send an email to info@integrateddiabetes.com.

    I can’t promise perfect glucose control, but I can promise you excellent customer service.


    Gary Scheiner MS, CDCES
    Owner, Clinical Director

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    NOTES from NancySummer is Here…!

    We are approaching my favorite time of year. Traveling, get togethers and downtime.It’s the perfect moment to reassess our needs. Please visit our website for information on making the appointment you may have been putting off.  We offer a variety of products and books for your convenience.

    Call or email me for any assistance:

    Wishing you a wonderful, safe, and happy summer!


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