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Diabetes Bites Newsletter: December 2021

Diabetes Bites Newsletter: December 20212021-12-15T16:01:09-05:00

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December 2021

Don’t Look Back

gary scheiner

Besides being the album title for one my favorite 1970s bands (Boston), “don’t look back” is my theme for this month’s edition of Diabetes Bites.  2021 Has been a dumpster fire of a year for so many reasons. 


I don’t want to waste one more keystroke on it.  Let’s use our imaginations and look forward to better things:

> Picture the FDA getting caught up and finally approving many of the new diabetes devices that are just sitting in warehouses waiting to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

> Picture health insurance programs, public and private, realizing that all their nickel-and-diming isn’t helping or working.  They start to cover diabetes self-management training/coaching/education in an unrestricted manner, and give their members easy access to the meds and equipment that their healthcare providers recommend for properly managing their diabetes.

> Picture having a choice between virtual and in-person health care, based on your own personal wants and needs.

> Picture the trolls of the world getting off the cases of people who are suffering from being overweight, recognizing that health, happiness, and character are not defined by body mass index.

> Picture a world in which emotional health is taken every bit as seriously as physical health.

As my pappy liked to say, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”  Pappy said a lot of odd things, but this makes sense.  These kinds of positive changes are possible, IF we are willing to do what it takes to make them happen.   

To you and yours, best actions for a healthy and happy Holiday Season and New Year!


– Gary

gary scheiner signature

Gary Scheiner MS, CDE
Owner & Clinical Director

NOTES from NancyNancy’s Featured Finds!

This month I’d like to spotlight a book written by our fearless leader, Gary Scheiner!

The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting is a great resource for practically and effectively managing your carb intake!


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