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Dexcom has applied for FDA approval, so what does the G6 hold for users?

In September 2017 Dexcom applied for FDA approval of their new G6 sensor and transmitter.

The new system is expected to be on the market in the US some time in 2018. The G6 has a 30% lower profile than the current transmitter with a sleeker design. Dexcom is seeking approval for a once daily finger stick calibration and 10 day wear. Dexcom is in talks with the FDA for approval of a no calibration needed option, but will release at one finger stick approval pending further FDA clearances. The new sensor has a 2 hour warm up time and is not impacted by acetaminophen use, which will help patients who can not use NSAIDS for pain and fever relief. The G6 will also have a single button insertion device, eliminating the multi step insertion process. The G6 is also more reliable and accurate than the G5, already considered the most reliable and accurate CGM available, with improved reliability on day one. The G6 will link to Omnipod’s DASH controller as well as the Tandem X2 pump like the G5 as well as smart phone or receiver. The new sensor will also have predictive alerts. These will allow users to receive an alert when blood sugar is predicted to reach a user set high or low blood sugar value based on trending blood sugar values.

What does the future hold for G6 users?

> The future for Dexcom is vast, including apps to assist users with therapy adjustments; incorporation with fitness trackers and the Apple Watch and Fitbit’s Ionic Smartwatch; and a disposable CGM thanks to partnership with Verily.

> Dexcom continues to work to meet Medicare patient orders. Currently Medicare will not cover G5 uploading information to smart phones for direct cloud data upload. Coverage for the G6 is anticipated, but the restrictions on smart device and predictive alert options remains unresolved.

>CGM technology has become an integral part of treatment for many people with diabetes and has been proven to be the best technology tool for improving blood sugar management. It is great to see the leader in the field continue to innovate and improve their product.

CGM technology provides a wealth of information and treatment maximizing opportunities.

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