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Dexcom G7 just got FDA approval. But we have 3 reasons to wait for the new Dexcom D7

We just got the announcement that the Dexcom G7 just got FDA approval.

But as always, with new text, we advise waiting a minute before calling your doctor for a new Rx. Why wait?

dexcom-d73 reasons to wait for the new Dexcom D7

  1. Building supply – It takes time for production on a device to ramp up to have enough of the product to meet the tidal wave of demand. You don’t want to start on the G7 just to find that you can’t get a refill and you’re left with no CGM for an unknown time. It takes months for Dexcom to roll out enough product just to launch. With the G6 we saw such a fast and large wave of users requesting updates that there were months of backlog. Don’t dive in unless you have a good backup option, or are very secure in your ability to maintain your sources.
  2. Other developers are at the starting line – Companies are not allowed to share their systems until it’s FDA approved (It’s bad business but it’s also considered marketing which is a big no-no) From Glooko and Tidepool, to Tandem and Omnipod they just don’t have the systems in place to handle this new tech. Until your support apps and other tech has caught up there’s no point in making the switch and having LESS functionality instead of more. For pumpers, tandem and Omnipod will have to build their software interactions and get approval for their software updates before rolling those out. It could still be months before we start to see that kind of movement. Of course, it will take time for the Loop/APS development community to hack the new system and build compatibility, much less beta-test it.
  3. The Freestyle 3 is still out there and Eversense is too. In terms of easy-to-use CGMs there are still other options and these companies can make new partnerships and team up at any time. Remember, the end goal is a fully customizable system where the user can pick their CGM, their smartphone, their pump/smart pen system, and their algorithm.  A new product coming to market often causes these manufacturers to start jockeying for marketplace positions harder and we may see the future partnership picture go in interesting directions in the months to come.

We always keep our finger on the pulse of tech here at IDS and as people living with diabetes, we also tap every possible source to try the devices in advance and report back to our community. We also specialize in helping our clients take their tech way past the basics and into uncharted realms of excellence. 

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