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A joint research team finds dementia risk related to high blood-sugar period and complications

Previous research has shown that diabetes increases the risk of dementia. Recently, a study was done to examine the relationship between hyperglycemia, comorbidities, and the onset of dementia. We’ve known for a long time that good management can decrease the risk for diabetes-related complications. Participants were divided into groups of no diabetes, prediabetes, newly onset diabetes, diabetes under treatment for less than five years, and diabetes under treatment for more than five years.

The type of diabetes was not noted for newly onset and treatment groups. The researchers found that the significance and duration of hyperglycemia showed a significant association to an increased Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, patients with comorbidities, such as ischemic heart disease, past stroke, and chronic kidney disease, showed a relatively higher risk of dementia. 

Reference: Han-soo, L. (2021, November 10). Joint Research Team finds dementia risk related to high blood-sugar period and complications. KBR. Retrieved December 9, 2021.


Overall, this research is another reason to prevent prolonged hyperglycemia and work to spend more time within your target glucose range. If you need help preventing blood sugar excursions, correcting high glucose, spending more time in range or any other diabetes related strategies give our office a call or email info@integrateddiabetes.com to see how the practice works and set up an appointment. 

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