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kathryn's thoughtsKathryn’s Thoughts!

degludec Tresiba pensA study was just completed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of switching to ultralong-acting basal insulin degludec (brand name Tresiba) from other long-acting insulins (glargine/Lantus, detemir/Levmir).

The study included people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  After four weeks of using their usual long-acting insulin, random participants used degludec for 12 months.

What did they find?

At the 12-month follow-up, patients with type 1 diabetes who switched to degludec saw significantly reduced hypoglycemic rates, improved A1c, improved fasting glucose, and lower basal insulin doses. They also saw increased body weight and greatly improved treatment satisfaction. Those with type 2 diabetes also saw fewer hypoglycemia episodes, decreased A1c and fasting glucose, unchanged body weight and dosing, and improved treatment satisfaction.

It seems that the longer-acting insulins improved overall glucose control and satisfaction and may be worth the switch, especially for people who are susceptible to low blood sugars.

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