Voice your opinion and answer our Integrated Diabetes Services monthly survey

In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked what you thought of the implanted Eversense XL continuous glucose monitor from Senseonics:

A. I want it.  Now. 

B. Sounds interesting.  I might consider it after others give it a try.

C. It has to be “implanted” every three months?  Keep it away! 

The result shows a great deal of skepticism:

november 2017 survey results

This month, we’d like to explore everyone’s favorite topic:  KETONE TESTING. 

For people who produce little or no insulin on their own, ketone checks are helpful for pinpointing the cause of elevated glucose levels (infection, spoiled insulin, pump malfunction, etc…).  What is your approach to ketone testing?

A. Ketones?  Never heard of ‘em

B. I’m aware of ketones, but never test for them

C. I check for ketones only when instructed to do so by my healthcare team

D. I check for ketones any time my glucose is very high

E. I check for ketones only with “unexplained” high readings