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Integrated Diabetes Services

Counting more than steps: Dexcom partners with Fitbit


Fitbit announced last week that they have partnered with Dexcom to make blood sugar monitoring a part of their arsenal of lifestyle and fitness measuring, recording and reporting.

To date, Fitbits have measured everything from steps and calories burned to heart rate and oxygenation. In an effort to go toe-to-toe with the Apple Watch (which supports dexcom  apps), Fitbit is introducing a new model with more features and app interface capabilities.   Their new “Ionic” tracker will display data from the Dexcom G5 transmitter, making blood sugar read outs available on the wearer’s wrist via a bluetooth connection.

Counting more than steps: Dexcom partners with FitbitThere is no word at this time on further CGM functionality, such as alerts for high or low readings.

Fitbit has been working to expand their brand to include not only monitoring but coaching as their new Ionic includes functions to encourage the wearer to increase activity to meet goals, rotate workouts to prevent injury, and more.  Fitbit’s brand is strongly rooted in social media connection.  Fitbit data can be linked to social media accounts for “cheers” when users take healthy actions or reach goals.

Their software includes interactive tools designed to make improving wellness an engaging and interactive experience. This is an opportunity for users to link their blood sugar management and monitoring to their social network. This social aspect can create opportunities to connect Dexcom users around the world.  Online social connections have proven to not only bring people together for support and encouragement, but to unite their voices to power advocacy.

This partnership is a great example of how the needs of people with diabetes are being recognized and met by developers outside of the medical world.   

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