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glucose tablets

Last month, the IDS clinical team hit Baltimore for the ADCES annual conference.

We must have made a very positive impression on the reps from ReliOn, because when the conference was over and the exhibit hall closed down, they gave us all of their leftover tubes of glucose tablets. 

And there were a LOT. 

counting glucose tubes

Enough to treat a lifetime of hypos for a small country (or Kathryn Gentile for a week).  So we decided to hold an online contest to see who could estimate how many tubes there actually were.

Congrats to Rachelle Watts for coming the closest.  She guessed 675 (the actual number was 707, less a few that Nina’s son Jackson ate when he visited the office). 

Rachelle works as a school counselor and behavioral health therapist in Utah, USA.  She plans to send the Amazon gift card she won to her 19-year-old son in Michigan who has had Type 1 for eight years and is serving a full-time mission for their church.

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