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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a valuable tool, not exclusive to type 1 diabetes.

The “Thriving with Diabetes” course, offered by Integrated Diabetes Services (IDS), caters to individuals newly diagnosed or currently managing type 2 diabetes.

This comprehensive program is available monthly, offering both virtual and in-person sessions at Einstein Hospital in East Norriton, PA. Participants not only receive a complimentary glucometer but also acquire essential skills in blood sugar monitoring, including finger-pricking techniques.

Understanding the significance of blood sugar monitoring, the course emphasizes key moments when blood sugar levels serve as pivotal data points to evaluate the impact of dietary choices and physical activity. While fingerstick measurements provide snapshots, the course also educates participants about the benefits of glucose sensors.

thriving ith type 2 diabetesContinuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is highlighted as a valuable tool, not exclusive to type 1 diabetes.

CGM technology, even when used intermittently, offers real-time data, particularly beneficial during the initial session where participants delve into the role of exercise in blood glucose management and insulin resistance reduction. CGM usage provides tangible feedback, reinforcing the importance of setting achievable goals throughout the program.

Stress, a significant contributor to insulin resistance and elevated blood glucose levels, is addressed with CGM-enabled data, empowering individuals to make immediate behavior changes. By attending this course, participants are educated in available CGM options.  A certified diabetes educator is available to help navigate insurance obstacles and facilitate access to CGM devices to best meet individual needs.

Practical steps for obtaining CGM coverage are outlined. The first step is to “become an expert” on your specific insurance plan in relation to diabetes benefits! Contact your health insurance provider to understand available options and coverage criteria.

If you are unclear about what is being discussed, don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t end the call without obtaining a reference number identifying the conversation.

Collaboration with healthcare providers is pivotal, ensuring appropriate prescriptions are secured. In cases where coverage hurdles exist, proactive communication with insurance carriers is encouraged, clarifying requirements such as blood glucose data or prior authorization letters.

Lastly, participants are encouraged to inquire about trial samples or professional CGM versions from healthcare providers, facilitating goal achievement and enhancing diabetes management strategies.

Be your own Advocate! By embracing CGM technology and leveraging available resources, individuals can embark on a journey toward improved diabetes management and overall well-being.

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