Continuous glucose monitoring. Helping you benefit the most from continuous glucose monitoring technology.

continuous glucose monitoring device
If you have invested considerable time, money and energy in a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system and feel that you just haven’t received a good “return” on your investment, you’ve come to the right place.

Technology is only as good as the person using it.  Integrated Diabetes Services’ clinical team has helped hundreds of people achieve better performance and blood sugar control out of their Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Our staff is not only certified to train on every type of Continuous Glucose Monitor – CGM; we also wear the CGM devices ourselves.  We speak and write nationally and internationally on optimal use of Continuous Glucose Monitor technology, and would like nothing more than to help you realize a proper return on your “investment”.

Continuous glucose monitoring system

Specifically, we can work with you to achieve the following:

  • Improve continuous glucose monitoring accuracy & reliability
  • Resolve sensor placement and adhesion issues
  • Make proper use of onscreen information:
    • glucose values
    • trend arrows
    • short-term trend graphs
    • alarms/alerts.
  • Master data downloading procedures
  • Program optimal alert settings
  • Teach self-analysis of downloaded sensor data in order to:
    • determine insulin action curves
    • assess post-meal glucose responses
    • evaluate basal insulin levels
    • fine-tune bolus timing and amounts
    • understand the effects of sports/exercise
    • detect “hidden” hypoglycemia.

Three CGM service options are available:

It is always best to start with a thorough review of your current diabetes self-care situation. Going through an initial consultation and self-care assessment allows us to see the “big picture” and tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service Process – All consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone and the internet (including video conferencing).

Standard Initial Consultation:

Prior to your initial consultation, we’ll send you a self-care assessment packet to complete and return to us.  That way, we won’t waste your valuable time with questions and topics that are of no interest to you.  The assessment will be reviewed by a diabetes coach who will begin formulating a teaching/management plan in preparation for your scheduled consultation.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your personal goals, review your current diabetes management plan and offer suggestions for improving your control.  We will formulate a system for keeping and communicating records, provide essential education, and outline a plan for helping you achieve your long-term goals.  We will also teach you how to transmit the data from your CGM system so that we can review/discuss at future appointments.

After the initial consultation, follow-up options include individual consultations scheduled at your convenience, or a retainer service that includes monthly scheduled consultations and unlimited access to our team (to review records, answer questions and make necessary adjustments).

If you want to bypass everything else and get right to a critical analysis of your CGM data & usage practices, our Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Analysis Service is just what you’re looking for. This service involves a brief interview to learn a bit about your current program, transmission of your Continous Glucose Monitoring data via download software (or a web-based program), and a follow-up session to analyze and discuss the results. Specific recommendations are given to help fine-tune your blood sugar control and achieve better performance from your CGM system.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service Process – All consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone and the internet (including video conferencing).

CGM Analysis Service

We start out with a brief (15 minute) discussion to learn about your current diabetes management program, insulin doses, CGM usage patterns, issues/concerns, etc… We’ll instruct you on how to transmit the data from your CGM and, if appropriate, how to test your basal and bolus settings using the CGM to collect the data.

Once we receive your CGM data, our team will review it in detail and set up a follow-up consult with you.   During this consult, we will offer insight obtained from reviewing your data, teach you techniques for self-analyzing your own sensor information, and offer tips on how to optimize the performance of your CGM system.

More info about CGM Analysis
If you’re interested in trying a CGM system and using the data to improve your blood sugar management, we offer a CGM Trial Service anywhere in the U.S. This service includes a system loaner for 1-2 weeks, training/hook-up, and analysis of the data once the system is returned. Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service Process – All consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone and the internet (including video conferencing).

CGM Trial Service

Two appointments will be scheduled:  one to provide basic training on the system (in-person or remotely via phone or video chat), and one to review/analyze the data collected by the system.

Approximately one week prior to the first appointment, we will ship you all of the equipment and supplies you will need to connect to and use one of the commercially available CGM systems.  During the appointment we will walk you through insertion of the sensor, placement of the transmitter, programming & calibration of the receiver, and how to review/interpret the data display.  If appropriate, we will also instruct you on basal/bolus dose testing using the CGM to collect the data.

Once the sensor ceases to function (usually 6-14 days after insertion), the sensor is removed and all materials are shipped back to our office.  We then download the receiver, analyze the data, and take careful notes for our follow-up discussion.

During the follow-up appointment, we will discuss the patterns observed in your data and offer specific insight for improving your blood sugar control.  For those interested in purchasing a CGM system for ongoing use, we will provide contact information for the appropriate device manufacturer.

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