Try a Continuous Glucose Monitor before you buy one!

Integrated Diabetes Services offers CGM Trials – sample a monitor  before you commit.

Try a continuous glucose monitor trial dexcom G4 medtronic 530G continuous glucose monitor graph

Want to see what continuous glucose monitoring is all about but not sure you’re ready to buy one?  Looking for information to help fine-tune your current insulin program?  Do a CGM Trial!

Our trial service is available either in-office or remotely (by phone, video chat). The trial includes:

  • A 1-2 week rental of the system of your choice (Dexcom, Navigator, or Medtronic)
  • A 1-time use sensor
  • All disposable supplies
  • Technical training (including sensor insertion)
  • Download and printout of data
  • Expert data analysis
  • Clinical recommendations for improving control

CGM systems transmit wirelessly to a handheld receiver, which displays the current glucose value as well as trend graphs.  Customizable alerts can be set for highs and lows.  CGM trials are great for adjusting bolus/basal insulin doses, detecting after-meal spikes, revealing exercise patterns, insulin action curves, and much more.

For fee information or to schedule a CGM trial, please contact our office.