An In-Depth Review of the Medtronic 630 Insulin Pump: Unique Advantages and Possible Limitations

Tandem Mobi pros and cons


  • Only Extended Wear Infusion Set available with 7 days of wear
  • Large, secure, long-established company
  • Slim attachable clip
  • Paired meter
  • Approved for ages 2 and up (smallest basal settings available)
  • No need to plug in to charge (replaceable batteries)
  • Remote bolus dosing available via paired meter


    • CGM requires additional finger sticks for calibration and safety checks
    • Frequent system alerts may become intrusive
    • Attached clip is upside-down
    • Must pay for loaner/backup pumps
    • Screen and text are relatively small
    • Insulin-on-board only deducted from correction boluses
    • Carelink download program is complex and lacks intuitive reports
    • Multiple menus and programming can be complex to master
    • No automatic angled infusion set option
    • Many button-presses and confirmation steps in basic programming
    • Company’s marketing can be overly aggressive
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