An In-Depth Look at Loop Insulin Pump Systems: Unique Advantages and Possible Limitations

Tandem Mobi pros and cons


  • Reduced up-front costs
  • Uses CGM trends, insulin action AND carb-on-board predictions to make automated adjustments.
  • Overrides provider flexibility for metabolic changes
  • Option to add multiple profiles
  • Can program through clothing from a few feet away
  • Discrete pump size
  • No tubing (minimizes wasted insulin, no tangling/snagging, less awkward, no siphon effects)
  • No disconnecting/reconnecting means no missed/lost insulin
  • Simple, automated cannula insertion (minimizes discomfort, reduces “human errors”, creates more site options)
  • Forced pod change reduces chances of lipodystrophy & absorption problems
  • Pump is fully watertight
  • No need to carry additional devices beyond personal cell phone
  • Wide range of customizable & patches & available for advanced users
  • Widest range of user-customizable settings
  • Remote capabilities (see IOB/COB, enable override presets, enter carbs, bolus) for advanced users
  • Multiple “follow” app options
  • Ability to read all of the coding and “recode” if desired
  • Ability to choose between dexcom g6, g7, or the libre 2


    • ¾ Self-build may be out of reach for some users
    • Not FDA approved -User takes on a certain level of risk, no corporate customer support
    • User-based support community
    • Bolus entry based on time of food absorption learning curve.
    • ¾ Phone must be charged daily
    • ¾ Only one cannula orientation/length
    • ¾ Max reservoir volume 200u; minimum fill amount 80u
    • ¾ Pod stops working after 72 hours (plus 8hr grace period)
    • ¾ Dislodged/clogged cannula or pod error requires complete pod replacement
    • ¾ Pod does not have a vibrate option
    • ¾ Loss (or malfunction) of
    • programmer renders pod non-
    • programmable (delivers basal only)
    • Must maintain builds or else the app will disappear
    • No “learning” algorithm, settings need to be dialed in
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