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CBT therapy makes a difference!

Newsflash: therapy makes a difference! But wait, not just any kind of therapy, CBT (not CBD), that’s right Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. What’s so great about the use of CBT is that in this study, it was intertwined with multiple different diabetes-related experts in an ideal group size setting of just 10 individuals.

Overall, a key factor in this research is that it focuses on the reduction of diabetes distress….distress is the first thing we need to tackle in order to prevent the “down the line” conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other mood-related disorders that require intensive therapy. Looking forward to more and more multidisciplinary centers offering this type of interventional research with this type of model. It takes a village!

“This study demonstrated the feasibility and positive outcomes of a diabetes distress and adherence support intervention delivered by diabetes care and education specialists and behavioral health professionals that is designed for scalability in diabetes centers to support the delivery of integrated patient care”

Original article and more details: healio.com

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