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Patients and Caregivers – Get paid for Your Opinion

Get paid for your opinion! Patients (14 and older) and Caregivers (family, friends) of any disability, disorder, syndrome, disease or condition are provided an opportunity to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews to improve medical products and services.

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Life Expectancy reduced and Heart disease risk increased with Early Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

A new study of people with type 1 diabetes was done comparing those with diabetes, to matched controls in the general population. The goal: Look at how age at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes relates to cardiovascular disease and mortality.

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Impact of Exercise on honeymoon period in men with type 1 diabetes

According to a recent study, male participants who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and engaged in intensive exercise in the first few months after diagnosis saw a honeymoon period that lasted 5 x longer than those who were not exercising.

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When you have Diabetes: Why you NEED a doctor when you are WELL

Alicia: UnLeashed! October article: When you have Diabetes: Why you NEED a doctor when you are WELL .... We have all heard the analogies that our body is like a car, we need to fuel it, keep good tires on it, and take it for an oil change every so often.

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