October 2017 Newsletter

//October 2017 Newsletter

Alicia: UnLeashed! Attack of the Pod People! My In-Depth Review of Omnipod

Attack of the Pod People! My In-Depth Review of Omnipod....

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Our October 2017 Integrated Diabetes Services Survey

We'd like to know what you think! Participate in our Integrated Diabetes Services monthly survey.

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Trivia Time: October 2017 – Type 1 Diabetes Trivia Question

Do you know the inventor of the famous 1500 formula? Answer our type 1 diabetes trivia question and win a free book!

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Study shows that Continuous Glucose Monitoring has huge impact on A1C long term

Visibility is key! Study shows that Continuous Glucose Monitoring has huge impact on A1C in the long term.

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Jenny’s Journal, October 2017 Article: Mindful or Mindless Eating?

So often with diabetes we are scolded for what food does to our BG levels and we learn to view food as “good” or “bad”. How should we look at food?

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Prebolusing improves A1C

A way to improve my A1C that does not require me to change what I eat, how much I work out, what medication I take, or even my dose of insulin?! It may sound too good to be true, but the statistics show that one small change in the order we do things could be the key to change!

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Options for Animas Pump Users

It should come as no surprise that Animas recently announced that it has discontinued sales of its insulin pumps in North America and is effectively “shutting down.” So...Animas pump users, should you stay or should you go?

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Medtronic Infusion Device Recall: No Reason to Panic

Have you heard? Last month, Medtronic announced a voluntary recall/replacement for many of their popular Paradigm infusion devices, including the Mio, Quick Set, and Silhouette. But there's no reason to panic...

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Alicia: UnLeashed! October 2017 Article

Feeling pushed around by your medical world? Maybe it's time to live with diabetes like a boss!

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Faster Insulin makes an Impact: Harder better faster stronger

Ultra-fast acting insulin is helping lower A1Cs by more closely matching insulin time to post meal spikes.

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Faster Insulin Has Been Approved. Now What?

Are you ready for "rapider" insulin? There are some important things to consider before switching to the faster lane.

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How to prevent workout hypoglycemia

A new study shows potential for a more effective way to prevent hypoglycemia during physical activity.

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