November 2016 Newsletter

//November 2016 Newsletter

A triple therapy approach to Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes treatment doesn't have to be about just insulin anymore. There are many new medications on the market aimed at treating Type 2 that provide glucose control through various pathways. Type 1 management is starting to incorporate some of these agents for improving glucose control.

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Macrovascular complications related to A1c in longstanding Type 1 diabetes

According to research published in the September, 2016 issue of Diabetic Medicine, A1c levels are a predictor of macrovascular disease, independent of diabetes duration. Wait a minute--didn't we think that A1c doesn't predict cardiovascular complications?

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Abbott gets premarket approval from FDA for FreeStyle Libre Pro

Folks with diabetes in the USA may or may not be aware that in other parts of the world, people with diabetes are using the Abbott Libre. It's a form of CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) that doesn't provide alarms for out of range blood glucose (BG) levels, but it also doesn't need to be calibrated in order to track BG levels, and a sensor is worn for two weeks.

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