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Dia-Bullying: Tips for students with Type 1 diabetes and their families

Alicia: UnLeashed! September article: Dia-Bullying- Back to school tips for students with Type 1 diabetes and their families. As we settle into the school year and the changes of these first few weeks we often see rises in blood sugar or changes in eating patterns that seem to defy control.

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Rare Patient Voice – Get paid for Your Opinion

Get paid for your opinion! Patients (14 and older) and Caregivers (family, friends) of any disability, disorder, syndrome, disease or condition are provided an opportunity to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews to improve medical products and services.

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Tips on How to Manage Diabetes for Women : Less time for Management, More for Life

A typical day with 2 kids, a dog, 2 cats, a full time job, meals to prep, exercise to fit in, and a house to take care of can easily take up all the waking minutes of a day. Oh – and yes, diabetes management is a sneaky little piece in all of this time management.

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ADA Scientific Sessions 2018: Gary’s Top-5 Observations

As usual, this year’s American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions didn’t place much emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.  There was food everywhere, and trust me, we’re not talking fruits & veggies.  But there was a great deal of research presented on diabetes medications and devices. 

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